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We run four different youth programs, which are aimed at 

our users(The Somali youth) so they can easily integrate 

into    the wider UK community and hopefully in future to 

take part in the nation building of our host country(UK).


   The program are:


   1. youth club


   2. football team


   3. Making changes project (Drug prevention program)


   4. work placement opportunities



The club is attended regularly by about 30 youths every evening. The facilities we 

have are football table, snooker/pool table, table tennis, TV & video. 


The football team comprises of 25 young men, our football team participated in a 

tournament and we reached up to the    semi finals. 


The making changes project aims preventing the Somali youths from using a 

stimulant and a narcotic leaf called Ghat. This    project is helping both boys and 

girls age 13 to 25 years old who are either already using the stimulant and narcotic 

leaf or    those who are likely to use it in the near future.


In the work placement program, we aim to help the Somali children who are in the 

local schools to find work placement opportunities either in our organisation or with 

external organisation that we have established relationship with. This    financial 

year we were able to internally accommodate four boys and two girls in our centre 

and we further managed to find work placement for a further seven children with 

external organisation.

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